API Documentation

Submitting Patient Record


Submitting patient records to Lead Safe requires client credentials to retrieve a token, which is required for all API calls. City of Chicago will issue a client ID and a client secret ID which will be used to obtain a token.

GET --user CLIENT_ID:CLIENT_SECRET --data "grant_type=client_credentials" <url>/oauth/token

Successful requests for a token will return a JSON file similar to this:


Tokens are set to expire every 3,600 seconds (1 hour) and a new token will need to be obtained.

To upload a patient record, the POST command must include a header called Authorization: Bearer followed by the TOKEN obtained in the previous steps.

An upload would look like:

POST --header "Content-Type:application/json" --header "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN" FILE.JSON <url>/upload/insert/

The format for FILE.JSON is described in the next section.

Character Limit

There is a 20,000 character limit for submissions.


Submit a patient record and retrieve the estimated risk of having elevated blood-lead levels.

Field Format Constraints Notes
timestamp TimeDate yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.sss-hh:mm Current timestamp (RFC 3339 compliant date)
network_id Text <N/A> The parent entity of the submitting organization
clinic_id Text <N/A> Organization ID
location_id Text <N/A> Specific Location Abbreviation in Centricity
patient_id Text <N/A> AlphaNumeric patient identifier
address1 Text <N/A> Patient home address (street number, street direction, street name, street type)
address2 Text <N/A> Patient home address (additional information, e.g. apartment number)
city Text <N/A> Patient home address city
state Text <N/A> Patient home address state
zip Text <N/A> Patient home address zip code
date_of_birth Date yyyy-mm-dd Patient date of birth
expected_due_date Date yyyy-mm-dd Optional Expected due date, if applicable
gender Text M/F/U Patient gender
race Text Code Values from Centricity Standard ONC Race definitions

Code / description
1002-5 / American Indian or Alaska Native
2028-9 / Asian
2054-5 / Black or African American
2076-8 / Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
2106-3 / White
UNK / Unknown
ethnicity Text Code Values from Centricity Standard ONC Ethnicity definitions

Code / description
2135-2 / Hispanic or Latino
2186-5 / Non-Hispanic or Latino
UNK / Unknown
VISIT ARRAY Optional May entirely omit the array if visit history does not exist or is unavailable.
visit.visit_id Numeric 16 Digit GE ID Unique GE ID for specific visit (DocumentID)
visit.date Date yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.sss-hh:mm Date of visit (RFC 3339 complient date)
visit.location Text <N/A> Text Abbreviation for facility of visit location
visit.provider Text <N/A> Full provider name, last name, or just NPI
LAB ARRAY Optional May entirely omit the array if visit history does not exist or is unavailable.
lab.lab_id Numeric 16 Digit GE ID Unique GE ID for specific lab result (ObsID)
lab.type Text "BLL" Static BLL unless we identify additional labs to include
lab.date Date yyyy-mm-dd Date of lab results
lab.sample_type Text V/C "V" Venous
"C" for Capillary
lab.result Text <N/A> Several values are possible; integer, non-integer numeric, ranges indicated by alphanumeric text.
  "timestamp": "2018-03-23 09:59:14.237-00:00", 
  "network_id": "Alliance Health",
  "clinic_id": "EF",
  "location_id": "examp_loc",
  "patient_id": "9000", 
  "address1": "333 S State St", 
  "address2": "Ste 420", 
  "city": "Chicago", 
  "state": "IL", 
  "zip": "60653", 
  "date_of_birth": "1988-03-17", 
  "expected_due_date": "2018-07-24", 
  "gender": "F", 
  "race": "2054-5", 
  "ethnicity": "2186-5",
  "visit": [
    {"visit_id": 1234567891011121, "date": "2017-07-25 15:02:54.171-00:00", "location": "333 S State St", "provider": "John Doe"},
    {"visit_id": 1234567891011121, "date": "2017-07-25 15:02:54.171-00:00", "location": "333 S State St", "provider": "John Doe"}, 
    {"visit_id": 1234567891011121, "date": "2017-07-25 15:02:54.171-00:00", "location": "333 S State St", "provider": "John Doe"}
  "lab": [
    {"lab_id": 1234567891011121, "type": "BLL", "date": "2016-07-29", "sample_type": "V", "result": "None Detected ug/dL"}, 
    {"lab_id": 1234567891011121, "type": "BLL", "date": "2015-08-21", "sample_type": "V", "result": "16.3"}, 
    {"lab_id": 1234567891011121, "type": "BLL", "date": "2015-02-27", "sample_type": "V", "result": "1"}] 



Field Format Constraints Notes/Questions
version Text "1.0.0-rc.2" Follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 http://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0.html
timestamp TimeDate yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.sss-hh:mm Current Timestamp (RFC 3339 compliant date).
network_id Text <N/A> Parent entity - same value as submitted to the API.
clinic_id Text <N/A> Organization ID - same value as submitted to the API.
location_id Text <N/A> Specific Location Abbreviation in Centricity - same value as submitted to the API.
patient_id Text AlphaNumeric Identifier for the patient - same value as submitted to the API.
risk_score Text 9.99 Currently expecting numeric, future may be phrased by stating an odds ratio with the risk score.
risk_score_notes Text <N/A> Notes and instructions for clinical staff based on risk_score. Notes with multiple lines will be semi-colon (;) delimited.
    "version": "1.0.0-rc.2", 
    "timestamp": "2017-08-11 19:20:29.000-00:00", 
    "network_id": "Alliance Health",
    "clinic_id": "EF",
    "location_id": "examp_loc",
    "patient_id": "9000", 
    "risk_score": "0.309", 
    "risk_score_notes": "Risk Score Notes"

Response Codes

The API will return codes to indicate whether the prediction encountered any errors. Often, error codes will be accompanied by a longer explanation of the error in addition to the brief explanations below.

Status Class Status Code Status Message
Success 200 No error.
Missing data field 400 A required field was not included in the submission.
Incorrect data type 400 A field contained an unexpected data type that does not match submission requirements.
Incorrect date format 400 One of the date formats is incorrect.
Invalid JSON 400 JSON structure was incomplete, contained unexpected characters, or was not properly closed.
Invalid race/ethnicity code 400 Value used to encode race or ethnicity does not match an expected value.
Unauthorized 401 Failed to provide authentication key or provided invalid key.
Not Found 404 The URI requested is invalid or does not exist.
Child over 1 years-old 412 The child is ineligible for Lead Safe.
Address outside of Chicago 412 Address is outside of Chicago or address failed to be geocoded within Chicago.
      "message": "An error message which conveys details",
      "code": 400
Field Format Constraints Notes
Date Integer <N/A> ID of the record submitted.
Server Text "Apache" The type of the server providing the results
Content-Location URL <N/A> Permanent location to retrieve the results
ETag <N/A>
Content-Length Integer 225
Content-Type Text application/json Informs user that the content will be a JSON file
Set-Cookie Text <N/A>
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 22:49:39 GMT
Server: Apache
Content-Location: https://webapps1int.cityofchicago.org/ords/cdph_lead_api/test_result/get/406
ETag: "zi/wQ5GvoQFjvb4ej24v8f5PbHog14ZsjDSGJABXUxKxV3SxyOwBKrNJv7we9B5hnSs9WgeoA2h54/yVmIjcnA=="
Content-Length: 225
Content-Type: application/json
Set-Cookie: BIGipServerwebapps1int.cityofchicago.org-443.app~webapps1int.cityofchicago.org-443_pool=339105802.47873.0000; Secure; HttpOnly; path=/; Httponly; Secure

Retrieving Previous Predictions

When submitting a record for a prediction, a unique URL is given to the submission (not the individual) where the results can be retrieved in the future.

GET <url>/get/{id}

The response will be the same as the original prediction.

The prediction is only assigned when it is POST to the server. The score will only reflect the prediction given the data originally submitted and based on known information at that time. Retrieving old records will not update the prediction. To get a new prediction, submit a new record

Checking Status on All Submissions

Check the status on all submissions and whether results are available.

GET <url>/get/


Field Format Constraints Notes
id Integer <N/A> ID of the record submitted.
processed Text "Y" or "N" Whether the results are available. Results may be an error or blank if the record was incorrect.

Interpreting Risk Levels

Elevated lead levels have severe impacts on a child's mental and physical development. When the API identifies elevated blood-lead levels, doctors are highly encouraged to conduct further blood tests

Follow-up after the blood test

If elevated lead levels are confirmed by subsequent blood testing, the family has multiple options when deciding how to mitigate potential sources of lead poisoning: The City of Chicago has limited grant funding to assist low-income homeowners and landlords of affordable housing to eliminate lead hazards. Families who rent their home from a landlord can also contact the City of Chicago for inspectors to inspect their homes for potential sources of lead poisoning. Families may dial 311 for further assistance or contact CDPH at 312-747-LEAD(5323).