Retrieve the Definitions for a Service Request

Define attributes associated with a service code.

Resource Information
Method GET services/:service_code.:format
Requires API key? No
Response Formats JSON, XML
HTTP Methods GET
JSONP callback=?


Argument Required Description
jurisdiction_id optional Optional, but if it is included, it must be set to cityofchicago.org
service_code required The service_code is specified in the main URL path rather than an added query string parameter.

Response Parameters

Argument Description
service_code Returns the service_code associated with the definition, the same one submitted for this call.
variable 'true' denotes that user input is needed. 'false' means the attribute is only used to present information to the user within the description field.
code A unique identifier for the attribute.
datatype Denotes the type of field used for user input.
required 'true' means that the value is required to submit service request. 'false' means that the value not required.
datatype_description A description of the datatype which helps the user provide their input.
order The sort order that the attributes will be presented to the user. 1 is shown first in the list.
description A description of the attribute field with instructions for the user to find and identify the requested information.
key The unique identifier associated with an option for singlevaluelist or multivaluelist. This is analogous to the value attribute in an html option tag.
name The human readable title of an option for singlevaluelist or multivaluelist. This is analogous to the innerhtml text node of an html option tag.