List Available Open311 Services

Provide a list of acceptable 311 service request types and their associated service codes.

Resource Information
Method GET services.:format
Requires API key? No
Response Formats JSON, XML
HTTP Methods GET
JSONP callback=?


Argument Required Description
jurisdiction_id optional Optional, but if it is included, it must be set to cityofchicago.org

Response Parameters

Argument Description
service_code The unique identifier for the service request type.
service_name The human readable name of the service request type.
description A brief description of the service request type.
metadata Determines whether there are additional form fields for this service type.
type Explains how this deals with the Open311 service request ID dance.
keywords A comma separated list of tags or keywords to help users identify the request type. This can provide synonyms of the service_name and group.
group A category to group this service type within. This provides a way to group several service request types under one category such as 'sanitation'.