March 06, 2019 / by Open Data Portal Team / In Open Data , Data Portal

New 311 Service Requests Dataset

The City of Chicago recently launched its new 311 system. Among the benefits we are able to offer is increased open data about 311 requests.

The first new dataset in this effort is 311 Service Requests. Unlike our previous approach of splitting each type of request into a separate dataset and publishing only 12 request types, this dataset includes all published types (91 currently, with plans to expand over time) in one dataset. As with any tabular dataset, you can create and save filtered views that show only certain request types or filter in any other way you like. This dataset also shows far more information about each service request than the previous datasets.

There will be a number of enhancements to this 311 open data over time. For example, at launch, we are not showing the answers to type-specific questions (“flex questions”). Flex questions are the follow up questions you are asked when opening a service request. Flex questions help clarify the work to be done. We plan to show these questions and answers and are currently working through the technical complexities to present this additional information in the most useful way possible. Please see our 311 Public Roadmap for more information on this topic, as well as other potential enhancements to the new 311 system.

Our 12 previously existing 311 datasets will remain live for historical use but will not continue to update, with one exception: Service requests related to Abandoned Vehicles are still being managed in the previous 311 system so that dataset will continue to update until further notice. This request type also appears in the new dataset but without all columns present in the previous dataset yet, due to the lack of flex questions.

Because some requests were migrated from the previous 311 system to the new one, they will appear in both the relevant old dataset and the new one. These records can be identified in the new dataset by the LEGACY_RECORD column.

Please contact the City of Chicago Open Data Team at or @ChicagoCDO with any questions related to the 311 datasets. Please direct any questions or comments about the 311 system, itself, to, CHIdeas or the 311 Public Roadmap.

This post will be updated as the presentation of 311 open data evolves, with any significant updates announced through the @ChicagoCDO account.