April 07, 2020 / by Open Data Portal Team / In Open Data , Data Portal

TNP Trips Correction - November 2019 - Complete

There were data reporting errors in the November 2019 records in the Transportation Network Providers - Trips dataset. At this time, we are unaware of this issue extending beyond the Fare column in the time period 11/1/2019-11/7/2019. However, to be cautious, we have obtained complete replacements of potentially affected records for the entire month of November and will be using them to replace that entire month in the dataset. Please note that the Trip ID values associated with specific trips may change.

We will complete the dataset records update as quickly as possible. While it is in progress, this month of data may be only partially complete in the dataset. We recommend not attempting to use November 2019 data until the process is complete. We will update this post when the update is completed.

The Transportation Network Providers - Drivers and Transportation Network Providers - Vehicles datasets are not affected by this issue.

The possibility that this error might exist was first brought to our attention by public users of the dataset. As always, we appreciate that help from the open data community and encourage you to continue to contact us at dataportal@cityofchicago.org or @ChicagoCDO with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Update, 4/13/2020: The correction is complete. Because of the complexities of this sort of update, there were small changes beyond the Fare column for November trips. The trip count for November decreased by two and for the entire dataset increased by 278. For context, there are 9.3 million November trips and 128.7 total trips. The Trip ID for some trips may have changed. All of these effects should be limited to October-December 2019.