November 16, 2020 / by Open Data Portal Team / In Open Data , Data Portal

COVID-19 Rolling Average Dataset - Hospitalization Columns

Later this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow (11/17/2020), we will be adding columns to the COVID-19 Daily Rolling Average Case and Death Rates dataset. The new columns will show hospitalizations for COVID-19, with the same totals, counts, rates, and demographic breakdowns already used for cases and deaths. No existing columns will change, although the positions will change for some, due to adding new columns in the middle.

The dataset will also be renamed to “COVID-19 Daily Rolling Average Case, Death, and Hospitalization Rates” to reflect the changes. The existing URL still will return the dataset.

Especially sharp-eyed dataset users may have noticed that the hospitalization columns went live briefly this afternoon. That was a planned test, best done with live data. We then temporarily removed the columns again to complete the final steps necessary for the full launch later this week.

As always, please feel to contact us at or @ChicagoCDO with any questions, comments, or concerns related to the datasets. For subject matter questions about these datasets or any other COVID-19 datasets, please contact the Department of Public Health’s epidemiology team at For general information about COVID-19 in Chicago, please visit or contact