June 23, 2021 / by Open Data Portal Team / In Open Data , Data Portal

COVID-19 Emergency Department Visits Reporting Change

Starting with the 6/23/2021 update, the COVID-Like Illness (CLI) Emergency Department Visits dataset will be updated with additional columns reflecting ED visits where a COVID-19 diagnosis is made. The new columns will be the following.

  • Total COVID – Daily (Number of COVID-19 cases diagnosed in EDs)
  • COVID Count – 7 day average (7-day rolling average number of COVID-19 cases diagnosed in EDs)
  • COVID Percent – Daily (Percentage of ED visits that are COVID-19 diagnoses)
  • COVID Percent – 7 day average (7-day rolling average of the percentage of ED visits that are COVID-19 diagnoses)

The CLI visit columns will be retained within the dataset, but will no longer be updated. Going forward, only COVID-19 diagnosed during an ED visit will be reported. In brief summary, the legacy CLI columns related to patients showing signs suggestive of COVID-19 – an approach used for many years for influenza – while the new columns relate to actual, test-confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. This change is being made to better differentiate ED visits due to COVID-19 from other respiratory illnesses (e.g., influenza).

The name of the dataset will change to “COVID-Like Illness (CLI) and COVD-19 Diagnosis Emergency Department Visits” but the previous URL will continue to work.

As always, please feel to contact us at dataportal@cityofchicago.org or @ChicagoCDO with any questions, comments, or concerns related to the datasets. For subject matter questions about these datasets or any other COVID-19 datasets, please contact the Department of Public Health’s epidemiology team at epidatarequests@cityofchicago.org. For general information about COVID-19 in Chicago, please visit https://www.chicago.gov/coronavirus or contact coronavirus@chicago.gov.